Iain Waddingham – Founder of Net Supply

Iain is a technically competent, reliable, adaptable and forward thinking IT professional with an excellent track record
in implementing, managing and supporting complex IT projects and services across a variety of sectors over the last 15 years.

Iain started Net Supply after moving roles from a long IT career. He could see the gaps in customer service,
IT consultancy and service management areas that he felt could be improved upon.

Our Partners

Our Vision

So many providers seem to be stuck on certain technologies and long winded methods for consulting, purchasing, invoicing and supporting IT.

We truly aim to help ease customers IT related stress by making all of those aspects easier with self service access to purchasing and quotations, monitoring and reporting.

All whist using easy, automated billing with multiple payment options online removing needs to set up standing orders or BACS payments.

The future is now and we aim to make that seem a reality for the IT side of businesses. Contact us now to see how we can help make your IT world easier!